2011-2014: Research Project Manager - « 3D Comfort and Acceptance » - 3D quality

This project consists in studying Human factors regarding 3D-stereoscopic content visualization, and designing a new grammar for 3D content creation. Study has been extended to 360 degree filming. The main goal of this research is to provide a more comfortable 3D content to the audience and avoid side-effects (nausea, headache, dizziness, itchy eyes, ...). Project funded by ANR (National Research Agency).


2011-2013: Research Project Manager - « 2D3D Convert » Project  - 2D 3D reconstruction

« 2D3D Convert » Project   consists in improving 2D3D conversion algorithms. Partners:  Movie Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Movie director Luc Jacquet, Caméra Lucida SARL, Bonne Pioche, Digimage Cinéma. Project funded by the French Bank for Innovation (BPI)


2011 -2014: Partner for an European research project: SCENE 3D - Augmented reality -VFX

Development of innovative tools for Augmented Reality, Special Effects and 3D compositing. A new workflow for making CG merge more easily and faster using multiple sensors and cameras. Other partners : Arri (UK), Univ Hasselt (Be), HHI - Fraunhofer (G), Univ Surrey (UK), Barcelona Media (SP)

Below, example of set up for studying all kind of sources in order to reconstruct the real world in a new CG representation:

Scene set up


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality computed almost in real time once the scene is reconstructed by our workflow (lightings, shadows, CG elements are merging perfectly with the real world)



2013-2015: Research project "Y2013" : Use of Augmented reality and 3D-stereoscopic content for education

Some studies proved that 3D-stereoscopic content improve the speed of learning for student. We developped this project with the University of Marseille (France) in order to experiment contents and technique that could help professor to teach difficult concepts such as geometry, chemistry, and astrophysic. These three areas are really difficult to explain in 2D and on a blackboard. Associating Augmented reality and 3D-stereoscopic proved to be very efficient in learning concepts. (see picture of the content in the portfolio section )


2004-2005: Research Project Manager:  « Golf-Stream » - Augmented reality for golfers

The goal of this project was to do the analysis of both the movements of swing in golf but also the morphology of trainees. This consists in a perfect tool for coaches in golf who wants to teach their trainees the optimal swing according to their morphology. Artificial intelligence can help to predict the optimal swing according to spread of weigth on trainee's body. Augmented reality content is overlaid to videos of trainees in order to better teach what to improve, for a better swing.

Partners:  Media-Group Lagardère, French Federation of Golf, PGA (professional golfer association), INRIA. Funded by the CNC (national federation of cinema).


1998-2005: PhD thesis, then Expert Engineer and Manager of the laboratory « Mirages » – Inria (National Research Institute in Computer Science and Robotics).

In charge of 10 PhD and researchers on the following research themes: 3D tracking and recognition in video sequences, Clothes simulation and virtual animation, Motion tracking of human bodies.


1995-1997: Master’s internship at the University Of San Diego, California – USA.

Reconstruction of 3D object using multiple cameras.




PhD level Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing.

 Motion capture using images for Augmented Reality applications and virtual world interactions. University Paris 6 – Jussieu


Master Degree in Computer Science (DEA) – Artificial Intelligence

University Paris 6 Jussieu.


Master Degree Electrical Engineer (Diplôme d’ingénieur) -  Signal and Image processing

CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) - Paris, with honours.



Computer Skills

C, C++, Java, Matlab, OpenGL, VRML, Action script, Unity, Max Script



Technical Publications

3D white paper

Co-editor and co-writer for two books (white paper) regarding 3D-Stereoscopy.

Publisher: FICAM (National federation of audiovisual and multimedia). Published worldwide, distributed in Cannes festivals.(available on request by email)


Journalist for professional audiovisual Magazines

Sonovision & Digital Film (around 450 articles of my articles have been published).



Scientific Publications

Virtual View Generation for 3D Digital Video"-IEEE multimedia spring 1997.

"Color segmentation and color correction using Lighting and White Balance shifts. Chroma key using a statistical method: SVD", First International Conference on Virtual Worlds (VW98), July 98- Paris .

"Three Dimensional Model-Based Tracking using Texture Learning and Matching". Conférence SCIA'99, Greenland june 99.

"Robust Multi-scale optimization algorithm applied to 2 Image Processing Applications". Conférence ICIAP, Venizia Sept 99.

 "Three Dimensional model-based tracking using texture learning and matching" .
Philippe Gérard, André Gagalowicz, Journal Pattern Recognition Letters 21. pp.1095-1103. purchase article: pattern recognition

Book Chapter: "Confluence of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics" pour l’Otan

Andre Gagalowicz, Philippe Gérard,  chapter 17: "3D Object tracking using Analysis/Synthesis Techniques". A. Leonardis et al eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers pp:307-329.

“Golf-Stream: Système d’analyse technique à base de réalité augmentée multi-caméras”. IIèmes Journées Internationales des sciences du Sport “Expertise et Sport de Haut Niveau”, INSEP, Paris:  12-15 Nov 2002.