Virtual Reality Ride: Elevator VR Explorer

A new scary ride available in VR and 4D simulator

«Wear your headset, get into a closed 4D elevator that will immerse you into your worst nightmare"

A brand new kind of attraction that doesnt need a lot of space to run.

Available worldwide... for further informations, please contact us at


Immersion With Video Mapping: Mercedes Hainan, China

Wandering in a Virtual Museum

"A Classy visit at the Louvre using Video Mapping"

A VR experience without VR headset, ideal for a high number of guests.

Contact us at


Film "On A Long Breath" - French title: "Le temps d'une apnée"

On A Long Breath

Awards & Nominations

« Feature Film Best Picture » award at the 3D KIFF (3D Korean Inter-national Film Festival ) for the 3D documentary film « On a Long Breath », Busan 2015. International release  6th  June 2016. Links:  International Trailer,   Facebook of the Film 

On A Long Breath was nominated to the Lumiere award given by the Hollywood 3D Society, 3D Stereo Media Film Festival, Belgium.

Nominated at the festival "Green me" - Los Angeles - October 2016



Exhibit "3D Movie Interact"

3D Movie Interact

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The digital interactive installation « 3D Movie Interact » as been selected by the French Embassy of Beijing to represent French artists at the 50th anniversary of Sino-French Diplomacy. Art event “Croisement”. Beijing,  Jinan.


This exhibit presented an interactive 3D-stereoscopic content, where the audience is actor and can change the story. Immersive 3D-steroscopic content using filmed images and Computer generated images.

Creation of concept, design of an multiple story script for interactive choice. Shooting and editing (in chinese), production , workflow design and software programming for this novel experience of interaction with 3D-stereoscopic movie in VR space.


Augmented reality films for education


Augmented reality and Steroscopic contents for the university of Marseille

Some concepts in Chemistry, Mathematics and Astrophysics are quite difficult to be explained on a blackboard, in 2D and without interaction. We produced and created experimental AR and stereoscopic content in order to improve the learning experience of students for difficult concepts to teach. (project Y2013 financed by the southern region of France: PACA)


3D Short films: "Circus 3D"

Circus 3D


Best 3D content award from Orange.

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Nintendo World

10 x 4 minutes « Circus 3D » promotional content broadcasted worldwide by Nintendo on 18 million mobile game consoles.


4D Film: "Arthur and Minimoys"

Arthur And the Minimoys

3D-Stereoscopic design with  Movie director Luc Besson for 15 minutes of film –  4D  content at the theme parc:  futuroscope, France.


60 hours of 3D content creation for TV, Events, Commercials

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Commercials videos

Direction and/or 2D3D  conversion : Madly Kenzo, Flower by Kenzo, Citroën, Caprice des Dieux, MMA, LandRover, Azzaro, Free, NRJ, GMF, Coca Cola Morocco.

TV content

Production and movie direction for   10 hours of content delivered in 2D and 3D for a worldwide broadcasting. ( )



Co-direction of the 3D content within the musical with  Kamel Ouali



Interactive Exhibit and Scenography: "Virtual Veejeying"

Intel Interactivity


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Laval Virtual Award (France)

Interactive scenography  “Minority report”- Like with interactive surfaces.

Siggraph’05 Selection– Los Angeles, Emerging Technologie  selected the installation « Virtual Veejeying » 

Interactive media navigation using natural human motions and lighted gloves (minority report like interface) . siggraph'2005 - Virtual Veejeying, more details



Interactive Scenography for the reveal of the Dual Core in Europe for Intel


Mondiale Assurance

Interactive Scenography for the 100th anniversary of the insurance company « Mondiale Insurance » - Tunis Stadium – 2000 participants.




3D installation for David Guetta - Pacha Club

David Guetta

3D projection during David Guetta's Mix at the Pacha Club - Ibiza (Spain)


Interactive Interior Design


Louis Vuitton Foundation: Exhibit « Icone »

Interactive wall projection using a book as an interface – Paris Champs Elysées


Design of Interactive decoration at Cabaret Bobino - Paris

Interactive Decoration on the wall of the cabaret - Interactive content design


Interactive surfaces and Virtual worlds


Schneider Electric

Design of interactive virtual game using lighted balls to play and an interactive book to tell the story. When someone is turning the page of the book located on the stand, a virtual world appears on the screen and the audience can play using lighted balls to change the story.

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Interactive Bar - for Peugeot

Design of content and software for an interactive Bar. Glasses or fingers are directly interactive on the surface (In 2005 no tactile device were available).


Interactive Lighted Dress

Miss France

Co-Design and creation of an Interactive Dress for Miss France 2006

Dress made of 12 kms of optic fiber. Miss France's lighted dress switched on and off on stage during her 25 performances all over France (left side day light, right side lighted). This dress is now controlled through wifi. Stylist: Malika


Schneider Electric - Contribution to an electric theatre play

Every actors wore a lighted costume and magically appeared and desappeared at any time on stage in the dark. Show presented in 12 locations to major partners of Schneider Electric. Scenography: JP Lamblin, Stylist: Malika


Monumental Projection for Dassault Aviation


Scenography for the release of the Falcon 7X - Dassault Aviation

First giant screen projection of 3D content, Projection of a Ultra High Definition video on the body of the plane (left picture) - magic appearance of a plane on stage



Bachelor and Master’s Degree of Audiovisual – Movie Direction

University of Valenciennes-ISTV - France.


Art school – painting, digital design.

Beaux Arts de Troyes