Philippe Gérard

Movie direction - Scenography

Merging Art and Engineering

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Co-founder of the 3D production company "3Dlized"

On A Long Breath - 3D documentary

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3D Documentary "On A Long Breath" - Six Oceans, Six Minutes, Free Diving at all costs ... Oxygen is overrated...

Production 2015

3D Movie inserted in the Musical Show "Dracula" from Kamel Ouali

3D Underwater shooting

More than 60 hours of 3D content creation:

Circus 3D for Nintendo World, Stars of Circus for Orange, hours of Yoga and Zen programm for MyZenTV, Dance clips,....


Film for Monumental Events : Dubai, Abu d'Abi, France, ...

a 3D film on a 19 meters wide screen in Dubai, for Intel

Ultra High Definition Project:

A new project in 4K has already started, an humanitarian project regarding tolerance and hope for people who have to go through a life with a change of gender. Butterflies coming soon.







3D Movie Interact

Selection at the festival "Croisement" for representing french artists at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomacy. This dynamic and interactive contemporary art has been fully conceived, developped, and created for public presentations in China.

Interactive glove

Interactive glove for Intel, Grand Palais, Paris 2006

On the stage, the dancer was wearing an interactive glove and could controled all the contents. She was able to paint with her finger, to choose among a database of movies and to launch video sequences with her fingers (check out the movie to see the making of ).


Virtual VeeJeying, Siggraph 2005

At Laval Virtual 2005, The Virtual VeeJeying animation was selected to participate at Siggraph 2005, in the Emerging Technologies area.

In this virtual interface, participants use lighted gloves to mix images and videos

to learn more about this presentation.

The lighted glove was part of the scenography for the 100th anniversary of the insurance company: "La mondiale", Tunisia 2005.


Dassault Aviation, Feb 2005

Conception & Direction of the Reveal for the Falcon 7x of Dassault Aviation.

3DHD Movie and Augmented reality used on a plane in order to make it fly virtually ... more

Look also at this article in the french Magazine :"Sonovision"



Laval Virtual 2005

Scenography for the award ceremony ot the International Conference of Virtual Reality using our interactive glove and lighted dress. The lighted glove was used to select winners on a half-transparent screen and send their movies to a bigger screen on which they were played automatically.

laval virtual ceremony


Video presenting an interaction between lighted gloves and contents from one screen to another (1,6Mb)


FRAGS at the Airshow of "Le Bourget"

Design of a movie based on frags (reconstruction of an image using thousands of videos). This movie was presented on the booth of the direction of the county of Paris at the Air show of "Le Bourget". ... to see more

Jean-Paul Huchon at Le Bourget

M. Jean-Paul Huchon, president of ARD -Ile de France (Paris region direction) is giving a talk on his booth.


A short biography:

Philippe Gérard is an event designer and Engineer. As well as beeing a movie director, he obtained an engineering degree, a PhD in computer Science and a MBA. Event designer for shows such as the revealing of the Falcon 7X of Dassault Aviation, he is also in charge of a research project concerning motion capture techniques, at INRIA. the latter is used to enhance the content of TV images. Philippe carried out several marketing projects for both private and public institutions. He has written and published nearly 400 articles for professional broadcast magazines such as "Sonovision" and "Digital film". Some of his paper has been published in scientific journals e.g: IEEE Multimedia and Pattern Recognition Letters. Recently, he took part in writing a book for NATO.

Contact: Philippe Gérard

+33 (0)6 61 36 49 27

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